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Items - Language

This tab shows the description of the item for different languages defined in the system. You cannot add/delete lines in this grid (to add a new language use the Available Languages function). When you define a new language code, the system will create a new record for every single item based on the current item descriptions. These can be changed as required.

Figure: Example Items Screen


Language of translated items.


The brand name associated with the product for example HEINZ.


A description about the item for example SOUP in the desired language.


The colour, flavour or type of the product for example TOMATO.


The size of the product for example 440G.


Fit is the fourth dimension often used in clothing, for example Short, Regular, Long trouser length.

POS 20

The POS descriptions are the product descriptions which print on the cash register docket. The twenty character is used by newer cash registers, including DynaPOS. When you enter a product description, and the POS descriptions have not been set, the product description is moved to the POS descriptions as defaults.

Long Description

Long description of item.

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