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Items - Margins

Figure: Example Items Screen


The location code that this margin applies to. This can be a location group.

Margin 1-5

A percentage used to calculate sell prices from the cost. The exact way this percentage will be used will depend on the Method but it is generally treated as a gross margin.

Method 1-5

The method tells the system how the Margin% should be used. The percentage can be used as GM% or it can be used to modify a previous sell price. For example, you can say that Sell Price 2 should be 10% higher than Sell Price 1. The exact methods available will depend on the sell price being set. If you are setting the first sell price, then you obviously can't calculate the sell price as a percentage change to another sell price because those other sell prices have not been calculated. Similarly, when you set the second sell price you can only calculate the sell price as a percentage of the first sell price because it is the only one available.

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