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Items - Packaging

This tab is used to recording the packaging used by an item.

Figure: Example Items Screen


Indicates from where the packaging comes.

Manufacturer Packaging

This is packaging the manufacturer places around the item.

Our Packaging

This is packaging we put around the item when we sell it.


The location to which this packaging applies. This is based on the parent location hierarchy. You should set up rules for complete areas. You should avoid creating rules at different levels. So for example, create rules for AREA1 and AREA2. Don't create rules for AREA1 and SHOP1 (which is in AREA1).


The date the rate becomes effective for use. If this is empty, the rate is effective immediately.


The last date that the rate can be used. If this is empty, the rate does not expire.


The code of the packaging we are recording. The codes are defined using the Packaging function.


The quantity, in kilos, of the packaging on the item.

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