Kitchen Printing


Kitchen printers are used to print details about the items for the chef. Items can either be sent to the kitchen printer automatically or on demand. Items can be configured to print to different printers. For example, you might have entrees go to one printer in the kitchen, mains to another printer and drinks to yet another in the bar. Alternatively the items could be sent to a Kitchen Video System (KVS) set up as a printer.

Automatic Printing

Items will be printed when the sale is either paid or put on hold. Only items that have not yet been printed are printed. You don't need to take any special action.

In a situation where a number of people are paying separately but are sitting at the same table, you may want to hold the kitchen receipt until all orders have been taken.

When you hold or pay the sale, the system asks whether or not you want to send the details to the kitchen printer. If the response is No, the kitchen printer details are held. This happens for each sale you make.

When you have got to the last sale of the table, respond with Yes to print the kitchen details. The details of all the previous sales are printed on one receipt to the kitchen. You are no longer in hold mode.

Kitchen Video System

The KVS is designed to logically control the flow of orders from the POS terminal into the kitchen environment. As the order is keyed in, the order is displayed onto a preparation station screen in the kitchen in real time. Colours represent different states of the order and the elapsed order time. Once the order has been completed in the kitchen, it is bumped off the KVS.

On BE, the KVS device needs to be set up as a Till Device and items allocated to the KVS via the Kitchen Printer Setup module.

Checking for KVS offline now happens only between transactions.

Print On Demand

Instead of having items print automatically, you can have the items print on demand. In this case, the items will only be printed when you tell the system to print them.

The items will not be printed automatically when the transaction is paid or put on hold. Instead, when you want to print an item, you press the Kitchen Print button. The items will be displayed in the receipt area with a slightly different look.

Items with a line through them cannot be printed. They either don't need to be sent to a kitchen printer or they have already been printed. Items that can be printed will have the required quantity shown in bold. If you touch an item, a green tick will appear next to the item. Touch the item again and the green tick will disappear. When all items have been selected, press the Print button. All items with a green tick will be printed.

Items that are cancelled will be printed as soon as the transaction is placed on hold. You don't have to select these for printing.

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