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Known Limitations






If you are using the KVS send on payment option you cannot also use split transactions.



There is a possible issue with running reports on a new 64bit environment related to an issue with the default windows printer not being setup. The issue is reports printing out of alignment, missing random columns and just not formatting correctly.

The fix is to change the MCS logon from Local System to Network Service. It doesn’t need a password. Full account name is ‘NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService’.

Figure: Example MCS Properties Logon Screen


PO Templates

This function requires SQL Server 2005 or later to run as the keyword CLASS APPLY was introduced in SQL 2005.



No results will be generated in Trad Stats:

  • if there is a mismatch in criteria between Grouped By in Trad Stats and Level detail in Budget Entry (for example both should be set to Location) or if
  • the period indicator is not comparable that is, if you set you up your budget by trading period you must run your comparison reports by the same trading periods. For example, the date range 15-21 August 2010 is not the same as the weekly period of week 15-21 August 2010 and results in no budget figures in the report.



A new database table has been added to let the users assign security levels to menus and a new label (without text) has been added to the User maintenance screen. This has been made a securable control – this is to include a new level of security settings to cope with situations where the user is allowed to change other people’s settings. Existing details are not changed hence the stores will have to edit any existing details as required.


Recipe Items

When setting up recipes, only the additional ingredients need to be added to the other sales methods as the ingredients in the Any Method are included in ALL sales methods. For takeaway items only the additional ingredients such as a paper napkin or container need adding to the takeaway sales method otherwise stock on hand will reduce items twice.

Note: A new utility (must only be run once) has been created to help upgrade recipe items from previous versions. This utility is called RecipeItemsUpgrade and will convert the old definitions to the new ones where possible and report any issues it finds that you need to fix by hand.



There has been an amendment to allow the cancellation of an EFT transaction when using EFTLink and the POS time-out removed. While processing, a 'Cancel EFT Transaction' button is available. When selected, you are prompted for the Supervisor password. Once entered, the POS will attempt to Abort the current EFT transaction. If selected in error, you can press Exit when prompted for the Supervisor password and the EFT transaction will continue.

Note: It is intended that this is for extreme situations, where the EFT transaction is obviously not being processed.


Till Devices

When setting up Till Devices a check is now performed to see whether a new device ID is unique before allowing the device details to be saved. If a device is deleted and then you try to add another with the same ID without saving the till changes you will get the warning about a duplicate ID because the original entry still exists.


No Sales

Count Originally after running a Z read and at the start of shift the cash drawer would open twice. The cash drawer now only opens once but the count of 'No Sales' transactions in any reports (Operator Performance, Till Read and so on) will be smaller since it will no longer include any shift transactions.


Fiscal Printing

When the system is configured to be used in Brazil with a fiscal printer (Till configuration), the following sales methods will not be allowed:

  • Quote Mode

  • COD Mode

  • Order Mode

Even if the system is configured to allow these, they will NOT be available on the POS System.

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