Language Translation

The system allows you to translate the various screen and report labels to different languages. You can have multiple languages in effect at one time. One person can be using German while another is using French. To perform the translation, you need to extract the translatable text from a program to a file. You can then run translate the text in this file to a specific language.

Note: Each application and report has a finite element of room in which to fit the translation. If any required translation goes beyond the defined limit of the application/report a change request will need to be raised with MICROS.


Extracted Text

Translated Text




To extract the text from a program, run the program with the LANGUAGE parameter, for example

DataEntryBasic.exe LANGUAGE

This will extract the strings which can be translated into a file with a .lang extension, for example DataEntryBasic.lang.

Now run the LanguageMaint.exe program to start doing your translations. This program lets you select a .lang file to translate and the locale for which the translation is being done, for example English (Australia). Once the translations are saved, you will end up with a new file called, where exename was the original program name and xxx is the Windows three-letter locale code, for example DataEntryBasic.ENA would be the English (Australia) file for DataEntryBasic.exe.

This translated language file is copied to the same directory as the executable. When a program is run, it will open the appropriate language file and translate the strings. The system has two ways it can determine the file to use. The first is to read the LanguageExt setting from the DYNAMIC.INI, for example



This tells the system the specific locale you want to use for language. If this is not set (and it usually isn't), the system will use the current Windows locale.

Language Files already translated and provided with the installer include: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.


Banking.CHT, DataEntryBasic.CHT, DataEntryInventory.CHT, DataEntryItems.CHT, DynaPOSTouch.CHT, ItemSetupWizard.CHT, MerchantEOD.CHT, MerchantInterfaceProcess.CHT, MerchantPOS.CHT, MerchantReportManager.CHT, MerchantStats.CHT, ReportBanking.CHT, ReportInventory.CHT, ReportItems.CHT, ReportLoyalty.CHT, ReportStena.CHT, ReportUsers.CHT, RequestReportAccounts.CHT, RequestReportInventory.CHT, RequestReportItems.CHT, RequestReportLoyalty.CHT, RequestReportUsers.CHT.


DataEntryBasic.DAN, DataEntryInventory.DAN, DataEntryItems.DAN, DynaPOSTouch.DAN, MerchantPOS.DAN.


DataEntryBasic.NLD, DataEntryInventory.NLD, DataEntryItems.NLD, DynaPOSTouch.NLD, MerchantPOS.NLD.


DataEntryBasic.FIN, DataEntryInventory.FIN, DataEntryItems.FIN, DynaPOSTouch.FIN, MerchantPOS.FIN.


DataEntryBasic, DataEntryInventory, DataEntryItems, DynaPOSTouch, MerchantPOS.


DataEntryBasic, DataEntryInventory, DataEntryItems, DynaPOSTouch, MerchantPOS.


DataEntryBasic.NOR, DataEntryInventory.NOR, DataEntryItems.NOR, DynaPOSTouch.NOR, MerchantPOS.NOR.


DataEntryBasic.ESN, DataEntryInventory.ESN, DataEntryItems.ESN, DynaPOSTouch.ESN, MerchantPOS.ESN.


DataEntryBasic.SVE, DataEntryInventory.SVE, DataEntryItems.SVE, DynaPOSTouch.SVE, MerchantPOS.SVE.

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