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Linked Items Or Recipes?

Linked items are most useful for items that can be sold in units of different sizes, such as cartons of beer and cigarettes. Recipes are used for items which consist of other items, such as cocktails at a bar or a sandwich (bread, filling).

However, there are some items which can be set up as either a linked items or recipes. Consider tap beer sold at a bar. The main product is a keg. We could set this up as the main item and create linked items consisting of different size glasses of beer. Alternatively, we could set up the glasses of beer as an item with a single ingredient, the original keg. Which is best to use? It doesn't really matter, however our recommendation would be to set up the items as recipes. The reason for this is that you will have other items in the bar set up as recipes, for example cocktails, but it is unlikely you will have any items set up as linked items, for example cartons, so keep things consistent and set them all up as recipes.

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