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List of INI Files

There are several INI files used by the system. Several of them deal with the look and feel of the system. These files are only required if you want to change the standard look and feel. The most important configuration file is DYNAMIC.INI.


This is the main configuration file used by the system. For details on the location of the file, see Location Of DYNAMIC.INI. For details about the actual settings in DYNAMIC.INI, see DYNAMIC.INI Settings.


This contains the details of the look and feel of the programs and appearance of the buttons that are shown on BE screen. It is placed in the same directory as the executables. See Look And Feel for further details. If you don't want to change the standard look and feel, you do not need this file at all.


This file contains various configuration details used by DynaPOSTouch. There are no details in this file that can be manually edited by the user as DynaPOSTouch will recreate the file each time a reload is done. The file is stored with the other data files generated by POS, that is \ drsapps\dynapos\data\x (where x is the till number).

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