Loading Costs

If you make cost information available at the POS for your salespeople to negotiate with the customers, you may want to use the loaded costs function. If you do not use loaded costs, the salespeople will see the exact cost details. If they were to then sell the item at cost price. you will make no profit. When you use loaded costs, the system will 'load' the cost displayed to the salespeople. Basically this means it will add %x to the cost. So instead of seeing the cost as $100, the salespeople will see $110. If they then sell the item at what they believe is cost, you will still make a profit.

There are two parts to loaded costs. Firstly, you need to specify the loaded cost percentage. This is done by setting the Load Costs % on the Advanced tab of Suppliers function. Each supplier can have a different percentage. So if you have products from a 'premium' supplier, you can have a higher percentage. Next, you need to indicate if a sales person is allowed to see loaded costs or normal costs. To use loaded costs, check on the Load Costs In POS option on the Security tab of the Users function.

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