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Location Accounts - Tenders

This tab is used to set up accounts for each method of payment (although Foreign Currency is not supported). When payment information is passed to the accounts package, the information has to be stored in accounts. For example, the account for cash might be '1-1000' while American Express might be '1-1100'. If you do not set up this information correctly then the extracted accounts information will not be loaded correctly.

Figure: Example Location Accounts Screen

The account details include:

Tender Code

The tender type that this cross-reference record is for.

Tender Description

The description of the tender code.

Allow Rounding

Indicates if a sale will be rounded when this tender is used for a payment.

Tender A/c

The Account in which the tender payment will be recorded.

Rounding A/c

The Account in which rounding will be recorded. An adjusting entry will be made against the payment method which incurred the rounding.

Credit Card Type

Specifies which tenders are credit cards. This is specifically used by the SAP interface during the Accounts Interface file extract process to split transactions into those defined as (credit card) and those defined as (non credit card).

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