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Location Groups

When you sell your products you need to sell them from somewhere. This could be a store, a bar within a pub or an internet site. We use the generic term of location to refer to all of these. You may have only one location or you might have hundreds. In the course of running your business you will invariably group these locations together. We call this a location group.

Example 1

You run a chain of shoe stores. Each store is a location. All the stores in each state are reported as a total for the state. Therefore the state is a location group. Some of these stores are not performing very well and you need to keep an eye on their performance. These stores can be put in their own 'under-achiever' location group. You are rapidly expanding and opening new stores. You want to pay special attention to these stores so they are put into a 'new stores' location group.

Example 2

You run a pub. Each bar in the pub is a separate location. The stock room for the pub is also a location. The pub itself is a location group. If you run several pubs then these pubs can be grouped into a location group as well.

The system has two important uses for locations and location groups. The first is for setting costs and sells and the second is for reporting purposes.

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