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Locations - Accounts

This tab allows you to set up how this location shares its accounts. A location might have its own customer accounts but share a single set of supplier accounts with other locations. An account is associated with a location code. If this account location code is the same as the main location code, the location will have its own set of accounts. If this account location code is a group, any other locations that have the same account location will share the same accounts.

See Accounts Locations for more information.

These account locations should be set up before any suppliers or customers are set up.

Figure: Example Locations Screen

Account Type

The type of account that the share details are being set up for. This could be customer accounts or supplier accounts.

Account Location

The location code for this account type for this location. If no accounts exist for this account location, a new set of accounts will be created when the location details are saved. If accounts do exist, the location will simply use those accounts.

Location Name

The name of the location.

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