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Locations - Classifications

This tab allows you to control which classifications of items are actually allowed at a location. Items not in these classifications should not be purchased or sold at these locations. See Suggested Ordering for more details.

Figure: Example Locations Screen


Indicates how to determine which classifications can be used at this location.

Any Classification

Any item from any classification can be used for this location. You do not need to enter any locations in the grid below.

Classifications Listed Below

Only items from the classifications listed in the grid below can be used at this location.

Same As Location

This is similar to the Classifications Listed Below option but instead of looking for the list of classifications on this item, it will look at he classifications on the specified location. This means you only need to set up classifications for one location and then you can say 'this location uses the same classifications as this other location'.


This grid allows you to tell the system which items can be ordered from which supplier. See Suggested Ordering for details on how these details are used.


Items in this classification code are allowed to be ordered for this location.


The supplier that items in this classification should be ordered from. If the item should just be ordered from the best supplier, leave this empty.


The Frequency code indicates when an item can be ordered. You only need to enter this if you want to override the supplier's frequency code (See Suppliers).

See Order Frequencies for details on how to set up these codes.

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