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A location could be a specific store where you sell an item from or it could be used to group specific locations together. Location groups are used for pricing (costs/sells) and for reporting purposes. A user is associated with a location. This is the main location where a user works and is used to control where reports are stored and who they are visible to. If a user works at different locations, for example an area manager, they are able to change their location from the Main Menu - Options|Change Location.

You need to carefully think about how your business operates and how to set up locations to represent it. We would strongly suggest that you draw a diagram that represents your business. Use the following recommendations to determine what locations you need.

Do you have a shop from where you sell items?

Set up a specific location for each shop you have.

Do you have a pub?

Set up a specific location for each bar and the bottleshop. You can set different sell prices for different bars and track the sales within them. You perform transfers to move stock from one location to another.

Do you have two areas in the one shop which sell different things? For example, you might have a special garden shop with a cafe.

Set up one location for each area.

Do you keep stock in one location and transfer it to your shop for selling?

If you have procedures in place to track the transfer of stock, set up a specific location for the holding location and set up one specific location for your shop to sell the items from. The system lets you perform transfers between the two.

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