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Locations - Fiscal

To set up location level information for the Fiscal printers. Tills

Figure: Example Locations Screen

The fields shown in this tab depend on the country selected within the Fiscal Type.

Fiscal Type

Selection box for choosing the required fiscal layout to use from currently a choice of None, Colombian, Belgian or Brazil.

Fiscal ID

Registration Code or unique fiscal reference. This is the Resolution Dian number. Leading zero’s are removed on screen, but filled to print the 15 number length field on the receipt with leading zero if required when printed.

Fiscal Date

String field for putting in the date of registration. This is the Resolution Date.

Note: This field is plain text, so what you type in this field is what you get displayed on the receipt.

Expert ID

Expert Report number.

State ID

Holds the State ID value.

Municipal ID

Holds the Municipal ID value.


Operations & Services fiscal code.

Fiscal City Code

The numeric code for the state.

Fiscal Version Code

Relates to manual sales vouchers.

Fiscal Profile Type

Relates to SPED file profile used.

Manual Voucher Code

Relates to manual sales voucher code.

Manual Voucher Model

Relates to manual sales voucher code model.

Accountant Name

Name of accountant.

Accountant CPF

Accountants CPF code.

Accountant Registration Number

Registration number on regional accounting council (CRC).

Accountant Office CNPJ

Office CNPJ code.

Accountant Address

Address of accountant.

Accountant City Code

2-digit code.


Phone number of accountant.


Fax number of accountant.


Email address of accountant.

Security Keys

Allows the user to generate private/public keys to used for encryption.

Public Key

Public key to use for encryption.

Private Key

Private key to use for encryption.


Creates key. These keys only need to be generated the once. Once these keys have been utilised in digitally signing generated files on the POS, they may be required for verification. By clicking the Generate button again creates a new set of keys.

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