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Locations - Groups/Stores

This tab allows you to control the groups and stores that belong to a location. If you are looking at a store or warehouse location, this tab will show you the groups that the location belongs to. If this is a group location, this tab will show you the stores and warehouses that belong in this group.

Figure: Example Locations Screen


The groups that this location belongs to. A location can belong in as many groups as you want.

Statistics Group

Statistics groups are used in Trading Statistics to provide a level of grouping within a location. For example, if you want to see the statistics for the ALL location, you can usually only see the statistics as a total for the ALL location or for each individual location. Using statistics groups, you can create levels within those two extremes, for example statistics by regions.  

A statistics group can only be used once within the list of groups. It makes no sense to say a location can belong in group REG1 and group REG2 and say they are both statistics groups REGION.

See Statistics Groups for more information.

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