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Locations - Inventory Locations

A location usually holds reference to its own inventory, that is location code BSHP2 will update inventory for BSHP2. However, in some cases you may want to update inventory for a different location, for example shared bars within a location. This tab allows you to set up those inventory details.

Figure: Example Locations Screen

Inventory Location

The location which will have stock decremented for transactions on this location. Usually it is the same as the main location code. If all stock is being updated for a different code, enter that location's code here. If some inventory is updated at this location and some at other locations, leave this location code as the main location code and enter the exceptions in the grid below.

Specific Inventory Locations

This grid allows you to enter the details of items that will have their inventory updated at a different location code. Each row specifies a group of items. Items can be identified by any combination of department, category, group, subgroup, classification and item number.




Any items in the selected department, category, group, subgroup, classification and item number will update the inventory at the Adjusted location. You can enter whatever combination of details you require.


The location code that will have the inventory updated for the selected items.

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