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Locations - PO Authorisations

The options here allow the configuration of authorisation limits and the email contents used if the Use Purchasing Authorisation Levels check box is selected in the Inventory tab of System Settings. Emails will be sent with the default sender address configured in the Email/Comms tab of System Settings.

Essentially each PO raised is to be authorised by someone based on the total amount for the items in the PO. The authorisation must be from someone other than the person raising the PO (as no one can authorise their own PO) and (because of this) the authorised user(s) must be notified via email of the need for authorisation when a PO is created. If there is no available user defined with the required purchasing level then the approval e-mail will be sent to the next higher level users. Anyone with a sufficient approval level can authorise the PO, even if they did not receive an email asking them to do so. Once a PO has been authorised the processing will continue as usual.

The purchasing level for a user is set within Users and authorisation levels work with hierarchy. The person creating the PO is always treated as level 0. For example, using the levels and limits as set in the image below and users:

User A - level 1
User B - level 2
User C - level 3
User D - level 4 no limit

1. If User B logs in and edits User A's information, they can change Purchase Authorisation to Level 1 or Level 2. If edits User C or D then Purchase Authorisation is in Read only.

2. If User C logs in, they can change the Level for User A and B only.

3. If User D logs in, they can change the Level for any User.

For example if a PO is raised for £80 the minimum purchasing level for the authoriser is 1. The approval e-mail will not be sent to all level 1 users, however, but only those within the same location or higher as the user creating the PO. The system will work up the location hierarchy and find all level 1 users at each level.

Figure: Example Location Screen

Authorisation Limits


Unique number representing authorisation level. The levels are hierarchical with level 0 lower than level 1 and so on.


The maximum amount that can be authorised by this level user in the currency amount of the PO created.

No Limit

If selected no limit applies to this level user. At least one user must be defined with this option selected so that they can adjust anyone’s authorisation levels. Also known as a 'super-user'.

Level Name

A short descriptive name for the level that is included in messages shown to users when the approval request e-mail is sent.

Email Settings

Email Type

Choose between two types: Is Approved Email or Needs Auth Email.


Priority of email - Low, Medium or High.


Title of email.


The Tags drop down allows the selection of tag placeholders for the email body.

PO Authorisation Email

E-mail address of the person who authorised the PO.

PO Authorisation

Username of the person who authorised the PO.

PO Number

PO number.

PO Value

Total amount of the PO.

PO Created Date

Date the PO was created.

PO Creator Email

Email address of the person who created the PO.

PO Creator Username

Username of the person who created the PO.

PO Location

Location of the PO.

Email Recipients

List of email recipients (User names) this email is being sent to.

Minimum Purchase Level

Minimum purchasing level of the people who can authorise this PO.


If unchecked the email body is read-only.

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