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Location - Tenders

This tab allows you to control which tenders are used at the POS in this location. If you do not enter any tenders, the system will assume that all tenders can be used at the POS. If you do enter some tenders, only those tenders can be used by POS. This tab is only shown if Location Type on the Basic tab is set to Store.

Figure: Example Locations Screen

The security tab allows you to control who is allowed to access the tender. For example, cheques might only be accepted by supervisors. If an operator selects a tender they don't have security to use, the POS will ask for the logon code of an authorised operator.

Previously when the payment button was pressed at the POS, the tenders were displayed on the order setup at the tender module. Now the tender is sorted based on individual location. A system setting on the POS 1 tab enables the tender sorting at location and the sort order for each tender can be entered here in Locations Tenders. Higher values are sorted last. The default value is set to 9999.

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