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Look And Feel

The graphical look and feel of the programs is controlled by the DRSSCHEME.INI file, an extract of which is shown below. The DRSSCHEME.INI is stored in the same directory as the executables. If no DRSSCHEME.INI exists, the default BE colour scheme is used.

The INI File consists of several sections. Each section controls the look and feel of a specific executable, for example DynaPOSTouch.exe. The section name is the executable name. There is a [Standard] section at the top of the file which is used if there is no section for a specific executable.

Each section should only be defined within the file once. The following sections can currently be configured:
















FieldFixedFont=Courier New











The first part of the file (shown in italics) is used to control the general colours and fonts of the system.

Notice the settings FieldFontSize, LabelFontSize, ButtonFontSize and ReportFontSize. These are used to adjust the size of a font. In some Asian countries, the font that needs to be used is much smaller than the standard Arial font used in BE. If you set these options to 2, the system would adjust the font size by 2. An 8 point font would be changed to 10 points, a 10 point font to 12 points, and so on.

The FieldFixedFont and FieldFixedFontSize are similar to the FieldFont and FieldFontSize settings but are used when a fixed, Courier-type font is required. These are typically used when showing sales history and electronic audit information.

The second part of the section controls the look and feel of the buttons. The name of each button is used to get the settings, for example btnHugeOK. There are three settings available for each button:

  1. The name of the bitmap that will be used to display the basic button. The bitmap itself consists of five separate images representing the button in its various states, for example up, down, disabled, and so on.

  2. The name of the bitmap to be used as the icon (or glyph) on the button itself. If there is no glyph then this property is not required.

  3. An offset property that can be used to offset the glyph bitmap over the top of the button picture. If there is no glyph then this property is not required. If this is not set then the program assumes zero.

Note: The location of the bitmaps is assumed to be the bmps directory under the executable directory.

Some of the settings have xxx as part of the name. This acts as a wildcard. So btnFindSmall would use the btnFindxxx setting.

See Updating Configuration Files for details on how to send updates to these files to the clients.

Special Settings

In the DynaPOSTouch.exe section you can change the colour of the keypad captions (keypad being the numeric keys, decimal, and so on) as follows:



The Tare Weight list box which shows the available tare weights that can be applied to a weighted item has a configurable font size and style. The values TareWeightFontSize and TareWeightFont can be added to the [DynaPOSTouch.EXE] section of the DRSScheme.ini settings file. Example: TareWeightFontSize=10 TareWeightFont=Arial Defines a font that is 10 points larger than the standard font that has been defined, and uses the 'Arial' style.

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