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Main Menu - New Message

This window is used to send a new message to selected users. If this window was displayed because you double-clicked on a friend, the user details will already be filled in and you simply need to enter your message and click the Send button.


Press the User button to find the user you want to send the message to. Each user you select is added to the user listbox. To delete a user, highlight the user in the listbox and press the Del button.


Press this button for more send options. This will display further options for you to select. The button will change to Basic. If you press the button again, the advanced options will disappear and the button will change to Advanced.

If you have pressed the Advanced button you will get additional options for sending messages.


This option allows you to send messages to specific types of contacts. If you enter only the location, the message will be sent to all users associated with the location. A user is associated with the location if they are assigned to that location or they can use POS at that location. The location can be a group location, if required. If you enter the location and a contact type, the message will be sent to all users of that contact type for the location. It determines the users by looking at the contacts recorded on the Contacts tab in the Locations function. All users are able to read the message.


This will send a message to the selected POS. If only the location code is entered, all the POS at the location will get the message. If a location and till code is entered, the message will only be sent to that POS. The message is only available to the first person who reads the message.


The subject of the message. If this is left empty, the subject will be set to the first line of the message.


Messages can be sent as Normal or High priority. When a High priority message is received, the message is displayed immediately in a popup window. These messages are shown in the message lists with a ! next to them.


Messages can be formatted with bold, italic and underlines. In addition emoticons can add extra information to your messages.


This is the content of the message.


Press this button to send the message to the nominated users.


Press this button to cancel the message.

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