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Management Areas

Users in one location should not be able to see the details for a location they do not work in. To control what a user can see, the system uses a feature called management areas. A management area defines what locations are visible. A user is assigned to a management area, which in turn controls what they can see. A security system setting, Management Area is Mandatory, controls if management areas must be set for all users. If a user is not assigned to a management area and management areas are not mandatory, they will be able to see details for any locations.

A management area controls access to the following:

Cost/Sell Locations

When in the Items function, the user will only see costs and sells for these locations. You can also indicate that a user can see costs and sells for a location but they cannot change those details.

Report Locations

When a user is running a report, these are the locations that they are allowed to select. This is different to the Costs/Sells Locations. You might want a user to see a cost or sell for the ALL location but you would not want then to be able to run a report for ALL.

These locations only control the selection of the location code. If you have a location group that contains a location the user should not be able to see and you allow the user access to the location group, they will see the location itself.


When performing a search or running a report, the user will only see items in these departments.


When performing a search or running a report, the user will only see items in these classifications.


When performing a search  the user will only see the suppliers listed. If no suppliers are listed then all suppliers will be shown.

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