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Media Clips - Media Files

This tab allows you to specify the actual files that are associated with the media clip.

Figure: Example Media Clips Screen

You can attach up to two files for each media clip. Usually you would only attach one file but sometimes you might want to display a picture and play a music clip. In that case you would attach the picture as the first file and the music clip as the second file.

Press the Add File button to add a file. This will display the Upload File window. You search for the file you want to attach and press the Upload File button. The system will copy the file from the specified directory to the server. The server holds these files in a central repository (as specified in the Media Content directory on the Directories tab in System Settings). This means the file will be accessible to anyone who needs access to it.

File Name 1

The filename containing the clip (picture).

File Name 2

The filename containing the clip (sound).

View Clips

Displays the media files attached to the media clip.

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