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Menus - Basic

The Basic tab is used to set up basic information about the menu.


The type of menu. When you add a new menu, you will be asked for the type of menu to create. Once a menu has been created, the Type cannot be changed.

Back Office

This menu definition is used by Main Menu in the back office. You can only have nine top level options but as many sub-menus as you want.


POS menus are used by DynaPOS. They cannot have sub-menus but the top level menu can have as many options as you want. (POS will show nine options at a time.)


A description of this menu.

Menu Header Image

The name of the image to be displayed as a banner across the top of the menu screen. This should be just the name of the file, with no path. The file will exist in the bmps sub-directory under the executable's directory.

Default Option

When you set up a back office menu, you can have nine main menu options, each with an image. When the user selects one of these, the options for that selection will be shown on the right side. This option allows you to select one of these nine menu options as the default option. This will be selected and its options shown down the right side.

Show Status Panel

If this option is checked on, the system will display a status message panel on the right side of Main Menu. This will display status messages for the location such as the current Trading Period, Trip ID and whether the location is locked for stocktakes. Status messages can also be created from Alerts.

Show Messages Panel

If this option is checked on, the system will display a messaging panel. This will show any new messages that have been sent to the user and provide options for viewing existing messages or sending new ones.

Show News Panel

If this option is checked on, the system will display a news panel. This is an Internet Explorer window which will display the web page defined in News Address.

News Address

The address of the web page that will be displayed in the Show News Panel is displayed.

Security Groups

Used to assign security levels to menus. By default, if a menu has no associated entries in MENUSECURITY it is not restricted.

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