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What Is A Menu?

A menu shows the user a list of options that they can select. These options include the ability to perform a task, for example edit an item, or to select a sub-menu for further options. Menus can be used in either the back office main menu program or in DynaPOS. The image below shows the back office menu.

Back office menus are shown to the user with the Main Menu function (as shown above). The menu can have nine top level options. These are shown on the left side with an image representing each option. There is generally an option for each major area of functionality, for example Supplier, Items, Inventory, and so on, and these options generally lead to a sub-menu with further options. When one of these options is selected, the sub-menu options are shown on the buttons down the right side of the screen. As those buttons are pressed the menu will either run a function or display further sub-menu options.

POS menus have a slightly different format to the main menu. You cannot have sub-menus. All options are provided at the top level only. POS will display nine options at a time. If there are more than nine options available, the POS will display a 'More' button which allows the next set of menu options to be displayed.

Both types of menus are designed using the Menus function.

Where Do I Use Menus?

For a back office menu, you assign the menu to each user. Whenever a user logs in to the Main Menu, they will see their menu. Each user could be assigned to a different menu based on their job function.

For a POS menu, you assign the menu to a specific till. Each time the user wants to see the menu, the POS will show the details for that menu. The same menu is used for all users on the same till.

Can I Secure Menus?

The options displayed to a user on the menu can also be controlled using Security. If a user does not have security to run a function, they will not see the option on the menu. The database table (MENUSECURITY) is used to assign security levels to menus. By default, if a menu has no associated entries in MENUSECURITY it is not restricted.


The area on the right of the menu is used for messaging and workflow. For more information on this area, see Messaging/Workflow.

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