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How Do I Convert Local Statistics?

To convert statistics from one currency to another for multi-country systems. A store in one country wants to see statistics in their local currency (the default mode), while headoffice will want to see statistics in their currency.


Create a 'stats' location for each location that needs to be converted. So if you had a location called 'BSHP2', you might set up a location code called 'BSHP2HO'. In the 'BSHP2' location, you would set the 'Local Statistics Location' (on the Advanced tab in Locations ) to 'BSHP2HO'. This tells the system that statistics should be converted from 'BSHP2' to 'BSHP2HO'. You can then set up a group location called 'STATS'. This would contain all the locations that are in the head office currency, for example 'BSHP2HO'. When you get stats for 'STATS', the statistics can be added together because the currency codes are all compatible.


When the Convert Local Stats (MerchantEOD.exe CONVERTLOCALSTATS) EOD process is run, it looks for all stats in the STATBUCKET table that have not been processed by this task, and create new STATBUCKET records for the new location. Only locations that have the 'Local Statistics Location' location set to a valid location are processed. For each date that is processed, the process will look for the exchange rate required to convert between the currency codes of the two locations. The process will convert the currency values from one currency to the other. Statistics Updater will then process the newly created STATBUCKET records which leads to new statistics records.

By using MerchantEOD.exe CONVERTLOCALSTATSACCOUNTRATE, it will convert the stats using the Account Exchange Rate.

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