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Proposing Sells At EOD

The system can propose sell prices for upcoming normal cost changes. This is done by the Propose Sell Prices task as part of end of day processing. The task is normally run on Monday or Tuesday, after the processing of electronic host updates from wholesalers.

The process will look for any items with a cost change or trading term changes. You can mark an item as an exception so that regardless of any cost movements a new sell price will NOT be proposed for that item. This is done using the Do Not Propose Sells option on the Advanced tab in Items.

The system compares the old cost with the new cost to determine whether the cost has actually changed. It compares either the landed cost or final cost based on the Cost To Show For Sells option on the System 2 tab of System Settings. The default is to compare landed costs.

The system generally only compares the old normal cost to the new normal cost. However, if you want to propose new sell prices whenever a deal takes effect then you actually want to compare the old current cost to the new current cost.

This can be controlled by the Propose Sells On Normal Cost Changes option on the System 2 tab of System Settings. The default is to compare normal costs only.

The system uses the Sell Price Rules to propose the sell prices.

The Proposed Sells Report can be used to view the new sell prices that have been proposed.

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