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Monitoring Services

When the services run, they record the time they last started, last shutdown and last processed. You can use the Services Monitor task to see all the services that are running. You do not need to configure anything. The monitor automatically picks up any services that are running.

Figure: Example Services Monitor Screen

The screen shows two grids. The first grid is a list of all the services that are running or have been run against the database. Status icons highlight whether or not the service is running and if there has been no contact for more than ten minutes.

The second grid shows the communication configurations that have been defined in the system. The monitor uses each communication configuration and tries to connect to the Basic service of the MCS that the configuration points to. An error icon is displayed if the system cannot contact the MCS indicated by the profile.

Using these two grids you can ensure that the required services are running correctly and that the communications profiles are working.

The information for the services is maintained within the DRSSERVICES database table. You can use this table as the basis for creating alerts. The information displayed for the communications profile is updated in real-time and is not available in a database table.

You can set up the monitor to automatically refresh itself by checking on the Auto Refresh checkbox and setting the number of minutes to indicate how often the data should be refreshed. You can also start the program in refresh mode by using this command:


where 5 would be the number of minutes to refresh.

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