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Upgrade Members

This function is used to actually upgrade or downgrade members according to the rules defined using Member Upgrade Rules.

Figure: Example Upgrade Members Screen

The required parameters are:

Process Date

This is the date on which the system will base its rule calculations. If the rule has a Calculation Type of 'Specific Points Level', the system can only use the current balance as of when the process is run and this date is ignored. However, if you use the Calculation Type of 'Points Earnt Over X Days', the system will use this date. If the rule says 'calculate points over 30 days'. It will calculate the date based on this From Date, for example From Date - Number Of Days. This allows you to run the function during the month for the end of the previous month.

When checking for cards that are about to expire, the POS will look for cards which expire between the Process Date and Process Date + 3. This picks up cards about to expire and checks them before the customer gets to the POS and receives a card expired error.

If a rule is applied to a customer, the system will record the date against the customer and won't process the same customer for another three days. This will prevent it being picked up again as per the previous point.

Customer Type 1

If this is specified, only members of this type will be checked.


A specific group of rules that you want to process. If you want to process all rules, leave this empty.

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