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Host Update Metcash

This task is used to process the electronic host files received from Metcash. The following window will be displayed.

Figure: Example Host Update Screen

At the top of the window, the system tells you how many files are available to be processed. If you don't have any, you can exit now.

There are three fields you must fill in before you can start processing. These are Cost Location, Effective Date and Supplier. The Cost Location is the location that the costs will be loaded for. The Effective Date is the date you want the costs to start. The system will automatically set this to the next effective processing date. You can change this if required. The Supplier contains the supplier code that these items will be created for. This supplier must already be set up in the Supplier function.

As new items are received, the system will attempt to translate the manufacturer, tax and department/category provided by Metcash into existing codes in our system by using cross-reference data. (See How Do I Prepare For Metcash Host Updates? for further information.) When you receive an initial load, you may want to check that you have set up the required cross-references correctly. If you want to do this, check the Check XRef Only option on. The system will not load any item or cost information, it will simply report codes which it could not translate. This gives you the opportunity to fix your cross-references before continuing.

The Shop New Items option should always be checked on, unless directed otherwise.

When you have finished entering your options, click the Process button. The system will process each host update file. It will produce various reports, depending on your options. A Host Update Error Report will always be produced showing errors in processing. If you actually load the data (by having the Check XRef Only option checked off) the Host Update Report will show the actual changes loaded from the host file.

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