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Importing Sales

MerchantInterfaceProcess.exe IMPORTSALES

This function is used to import sales information from external systems into your database via a comma delimited file (.csv).

Figure: Example Import Sales Screen

Refer to How Do I Import Sales? for the format of the sales file.

Data File

The file that you want to import. Press the Data File button to do a search for the file.


The store location sales code the data will be imported against.


The till code the sales data will be imported against.


The user who the sales data will be attributed to.


The tender which will be used on each sales transaction.


Type of sales import whether Sale or Return. When set to Sale, the transactions created from the import file are marked as SALE, and vice-versa. The data in the import file must reflect this option, for example, Sales must be positive quantity and value, Returns must be negative.

Decrease Stock

If this option is checked on, the stock for the sold items will be decreased. If the option is checked off, stock will not be decreased.

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