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Merchant PDA - New Item

This tab is the main tab that the user will use. The user simply scans the barcode of the item. The system will display various information about the item. The user enters either the units or cartons. Once the units or cartons is entered, the item is added to the Import transaction (a list of these items is available on the Items tab). If the units or cartons is not added, the item will be discarded (a message will be displayed on the screen to tell the user that the item was not added).

Figure: Example PDA Import Items Screen

These options can be entered by the user.


The barcode of the item is scanned here.


The number of units counted.


The number of cartons counted. You would enter Units or Cartons There is no need to enter both.


Press this button to see a graph of the last thirteen weeks of quantity sold.

These options are displayed automatically by the system for information purposes.


A description of the item scanned.


The current stock on hand.


The current quantity on order.

Min Units

The minimum number of units required.

Max Units

The maximum number of units required.


The current sell price.

Order Days

The days of the week that the item can be ordered (determined from the order frequency).

Press the Sales button to see sales information for the item. The window will show a graph showing the last 13 weeks of quantity sold plus the rate of sale. These sales quantities are based on all uses of the item. If you have an ingredient item that is used in multiple recipes, this number will include the usage of the item in sales of those recipes. If the item is sold in one location but stocked in another, the stocked location will show the usage of the item, regardless of where it was sold.

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