Back Office Till Control

Figure: Example Back Office Till Control Screen

This function provides the control of POS from the back office.

The first thing you need to do is to select the location to be controlled. The system will then list all of the POS in the grid. You can use the Update checkbox to indicate which POS are to be controlled. The All On and All Off buttons at the top of the screen can be used to quickly select/deselect all the POS in the list.

Once the required POS have been selected, press the Close Shift button. The system will then attempt to communicate with each selected POS and close its shift. This happens in real time. If the POS is not available or cannot currently be shut down, for example in the middle of a sale, the shift will not be closed on the POS and an error message will be displayed in the Comment column.

Due to the way some networks are set up, this function may not be available to all POS BE clients. If the POS cannot be controlled, the systems work, the Allow Back Office Support on the Location tab of Till should be checked off.

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