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Report Manager

The Report Manager provides a central location for all generated reports regardless of whether the report is printed immediately or not, and is accessed from the BE main menu. If you try to open a report which is not a standard BE report file, for example a PDF file, the file is downloaded and opened using the default program for that file type.

All reports are listed in time order sequence. The details listed for each report include:

Report Actions

To process a report it must first be selected by clicking on it from the report list. Once a report is highlighted it is possible to use the Report Action buttons to:

Reports Grouped By

It is possible to sort the reports by:


There is a search function to choose the location. The system sorts locations using a hierarchy format. A location can be a chain or region of outlets, or a group of individual bars or workgroups within an outlet. Choose the type of location for the report that you wish to generate.


When a report is viewed, a toolbar is displayed above the report providing:


Shortcut keys provide quicker access to certain functions:

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + W


Ctrl + O

Open as PDF

When previewing reports:


Go to first page

Ctrl + PageUp

Go to first page


Go to previous page

Page Down

Go to next page

Ctrl + PageDown

Go to last page


Go to last page

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