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This window is displayed when you add or edit a Modifier Panel from the Modifiers tab. It allows you to define how the modifier options will be displayed to the user. When a new panel is created, the buttons will be created using the font and colours defined on the Defaults tab. The set of thirty-six buttons shown on the right side of the screen represent the thirty-six buttons that DynaPOS can show to the user. To set the function of a button, click on the button and change the details in the Button Details tab.

Figure: Example Modifiers Screen


The code of the modifier set that this panel is to be used for.


The name for this panel. It defaults to the name of the modifier set.

Button Details

This option allows you to control what function a button will have. A button is either not used (empty) or it will display a specific modifier from the modifier set.


Check this option if you want the button to do nothing.

Use Modifier

Check this option if you want the button to display a specific modifier. You should then select the modifier from the combobox. The Button Text will be set to the modifier name.

Button Text

The actual text to display on the button.


The font used to display the Button Text.


The name of the file to be displayed on the button next to the Button Text. This should be just the filename without path information, for example beer.bmp. The actual file should be in the DynaPOS bmps directory.

Button Image

This setting will control the look of the modifier button itself. For more details on how it works see the same option on the Fastkey Panel.

Button Colour

The background colour of the button. If you use a Scheme file to set up images for the actual fastkey buttons, this setting is ignored.

Quick Select

This tab will let you quickly add items to the modifier panel. The available modifiers from the modifier set will be displayed in the grid.

You have two options. If you have a mouse available, you can drag a modifier from the grid and drop it on the required button. This will set up the details on the Button Details tab automatically. If you are working only on a touchscreen and have no mouse, press the Go button (the word Go will not change to Stop). You can then press the modifier you want to use in the grid and then press the button. The modifier will be added to the button. Repeat this process until all required buttons have been added and then press the Stop button.

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