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MPOS Discounts - Reward 1

The Reward 1 tab shows the Sale/Value Discount Auto type discounts. Here, a discount percentage or effective price can be specified. The Reward 2 tab is for Offer type discounts where the item or group to discount can be specified. Only one reward item can be specified.

Figure: Example MPOS Discounts Screen


This type of reward allows you to give either a % or $ discount to all items which qualified for the discount. If the qualifying group was for all FOOD items then all FOOD items would receive this discount.

You can specify a discount rate and a discount type.

Effective Price

This type of reward allows you to reduce the value of the items so they total a specific price. The system will calculate the amount of discount which must be give to get this sell price. For example, if you have an offer of 'buy any 3 for $9.95' and the total of the individual items added up to $12.00 you would get a discount of $2.05. This gives you an effective sell price of $9.95. The discount will be allocated to the items which qualified for the discount/offer.

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