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MPOS Tills _Profile - Security

Security information can be configured here.

Figure: Example Tills Screen

The grid on the left of the screen shows the available security groups. The grid on the right shows the various POS functions that can be secured.

Each function has a + next to it. Press the + to expand the function. This will show the security groups that can access this function. If no security groups are listed, anyone can access the function. To secure the function, click on a security group and drag it over and drop it on the function's group list. To delete a security group for a function, highlight the security group in the function and press Ctrl+Del.



Allowed to Make Sales

Can start a sale.

Can Accept Payment

Can pay off a transaction.

Cancel Item

Can cancel an item from a transaction.

Cancel Sale

Can cancel a transaction.

MPOS Function Administrator

Can administer settings on the MPOS unit.


Can return items.

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