Multimedia Customer Displays

What Is A Multimedia Customer Display?

It can be a standalone screen or a second screen that is attached to your POS that shows details of the sale to the user as well as advertising (pictures, movies, and so on). The first screen continues to display the POS for the operator as usual, while the second screen is tilted towards the user.

Multi Media Plus

The latest version (version 5) of Multi Media Plus (MMPlus) has been released and requires a 2-part installation. (Please note, before installing the latest version you must uninstall any previous versions installed.) See How Do I Set Up MultiMedia Plus? for more information.

The MMPlus software is configured using the MMPLUS.INI file. Version 5 supports images of the purchased items being displayed and also allows text to be included in the subtotal and change details displayed for MMPlus.

The INI file supports a new option to specify the length of time (in seconds) that an image is displayed for.


This example sets the timeout to 5 seconds.

The item images to be displayed are set up within the Customer Details tab within Items using Ticket Clip 1. (These images must already be added using DataEntryBasic.exe MediaClip). When the item is purchased this image will show in the MMPlus media window for the duration of the timeout or until a new item image is sent.

Other options that apply to this function are:

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