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Multiple Cash Drawers

Generally, a POS will only have one cash drawer connected to it however, you can use multiple cash drawers on one POS. You simply define each cash drawer as a device on the POS. If you want to use multiple drawers, check on the Ask Operator Cash Drawer option in the Profile - Settings 1 tab in Till.

When the operator logs on for the first time, the POS will show a list of available cash drawers and ask which cash drawer the operator will use. Any time the POS needs to open the cash drawer, it will open the drawer selected by the current operator. The cash drawer will be reset when a Z-Read is done, a new shift starts or the POS is restarted.

When a user selects a cashdrawer the POS will communicate this to other POS (provided the Allow Back Office Support option in Till is checked on).

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