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Multiple Currencies

Some clients use multiple currencies for each location. They have a primary currency and a secondary currency. When sell prices are shown on a ticket, the system displays them based on the primary currency. There are five sell prices available for an item and you can place each of the five sell prices on a ticket. Most people never use all five sell prices though. Instead of complicating ticket creation further, you can set the system up so that it will take one the sell prices of an item and convert it from the primary currency to the secondary currency. This converted sell price can be saved to Sell 2, Sell 3, Sell 4 or Sell 5 and can then be printed on a ticket using existing sell price fields.

Note: The converted sell price is not saved permanently against the item. This is an on-the-fly calculation which is used only for ticketing.

To use this function you have to set two options on the System tab of System Settings. The first option, Sell To Be Converted For 2nd Currency, indicates the sell price which needs to be converted. The second option, Show Sell Converted At Secondary Currency, indicates the sell price in which to record the converted sell price. Once this is done, any process which generates tickets will automatically convert the nominated sell price at the required exchange rate and store it in the selected sell price and then printed on the tickets.

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