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NCR POS Keyboards - Keyboard States

DynaPOS works using 'states' and 'actions'. A state is when DynaPOS is displaying a certain set of data and buttons and is waiting for the user to take an action, for example waiting for log on, waiting for scan on new sale, waiting for a customer to be entered. An 'action' is what the user can do to move from one state to the next, for example pressing the Cancel button when POS is waiting for a customer on a new sale will take the user to the next state, that is waiting for a new item to be added to the transaction.

Many of these states are fixed, but for some of them you can control which buttons are visible to the POS user. This tab allows you to set up these buttons.

Figure: Example POS Keyboards Screen

This grid lists the various keyboard states that have been modified from the default. When a new state is added, the Keyboard State panel is displayed to allow you to control which buttons will be displayed.

Effective Date

The date the panel was last amended or created.


The keyboard state that this record is for.

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