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NCR POS Keyboards - Set Meals

Set meals are a special collection of items. For example, a burger meal which consists of a burger, fries and a drink. When a set meal is sold, the individual components of the set meal can be replaced with other items, for example swap a Coke for an orange juice. These replacement items are displayed on a fastkey panel in the sequence defined in the set meal. This tab lets you control the layout of the replacement items. You can put them in specific positions and colour them as required.

Figure: Example POS Keyboards Screen

This grid lists the various set meal replacement items that have special layouts defined. Unlike modifiers, which can be items but are usually just descriptions, set meal replacement items are always a set of items. So rather than have yet another item layout screen, you simply define a fast key panel (using the fast key panels on the Basic tab) that contains all of the replacement items. You then use this grid to specify that when an ingredient of a set meal is to be replaced, DynaPOS should display a specific fast key panel that contains the replacement items. Another benefit of this approach is that you may have an ingredient that can be replaced with several different items and this ingredient is used in many Set Meal items, for example drinks. You can define one fast key panel for the replacement drinks and use that same panel multiple times. This saves you having to layout the replacement items for each use of the ingredient item.

Set Meal Item

The Set Meal item will have a special layout.

Set Meal Description

The description for the Set Meal item.

Ingredient Item

The ingredient within the Set Meal item that is going to be replaced.

Ingredient Description

The description of the ingredient item.

Keyboard Level

Allows you to indicate that a specific ingredient for a set meal should show a specific fast key panel when trying to replace the item.

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