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NCR POS Keyboard States

This window is displayed when you add or edit a Keyboard State from the Keyboard States tab. It allows you to define which fast key panel links will be displayed on the POS.

Figure: Example Keyboard State Screen

Keyboard State

This is the keyboard state that needs to be modified. When you select a keyboard state, the system will display the buttons currently available for that state. You can only select from the available keyboard states. You cannot create your own.

Effective Start Date

The effective date must be unique for the keyboard state/fast key panel and only current and future dates can be selected. The effective date cannot be amended if the fast key panel has already been sent to NCR-POS.

State Buttons

There are twelve buttons displayed that represent the buttons available on the POS. To set the function of a button, click on it and then select the appropriate option from the Button Function panel.

Button Function

This tells the system what the selected button should do. There are two options available.


The button does nothing when pressed.


Select the action from the combobox. The combobox displays all the available fast key panels for the current keyboard state.

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