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Offline Customers

Offline customers allow you to capture some loyalty information if the central server is not available. You need to do some preparatory work for this though. You should define a generic customer for each of your customer types. So if you have SILVER and GOLD members, define a generic customer for each one. The POS Usage on the Extra tab in Customers should be set to 'Check on POS if server not available'.

When a customer card is entered on the transaction, the system will go to the server to get the customer details. If the server is not available, POS will show a list of the customers which were marked as 'Check on POS if server not available'. The user can select the appropriate customer. Obviously, the user won't be able to tell the customer about their available points, or even their name. But they will get the discounts due to there customer type. Also, the customer card number is associated with the transaction. When the transaction is able to be processed, the system will look up the correct customer for the card number, so the customer will get their points.

It is not intended that all customers would be marked as 'Check on POS if server not available'. In a system with a large loyalty systems, this would be far too many customers. It is only intended that a small number of customers are set up so that correct discounts can be applied.

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