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POS Device Type - Fonts - Windows Printers

This tab contains the options used for printers that use a Windows Printer driver. These printers work a little differently to com-port connected printers (as defined on the Basic tab) so need different options.

Figure: Example POS Device Type Screen

Normal Font/Size

The font to be used for normal text. For an Epson printer, this would be FontA11.

Big Font/Size

The font to be used for large text.

Control Font/Size

A special font is used to send command like paper cut. This is a control font. On an Epson printer this is called 'Control'. You never actually see text printed in this font.

Red Font/Size

The font to be used for 'red' text. Red text was used on older impact printers which could have black and red ribbons. Although you don't get red text on thermal printers, the concept is still used. Different items on a kitchen receipt will print in red. Note that unlike com-port connect printers, you cannot combine big font and red font and get a big, red font. the second font will override the first font. We would suggest that the red font is set up using the same font name but a different font size, so you have different sizes for Normal, Big and Red.

Logo Font/Size

You can print logos using special fonts (where the logo bmp has been converted to a font). This is the name of the logo font to be used.

Barcode Font/Size

This is the name of the font to be used for printing barcodes. Barcodes are printed for gift certificates and transaction numbers on the receipt.

Differences Between Direct Connect And Windows Printers

A direct connect printer uses the escape sequences on the Basic tab, while a Windows printer uses the font details set on this page. The two work quite differently and this needs to be considered when using the POS Device on a kitchen printer. When POS sends instructions to a kitchen printer, it uses the full range of available commands - change size, change to red, and so on. With a direct connect printer, the commands are cumulative. If you have a command for big and then red, the direct connect printer will send the command for big and then the one for red and you end up with big, red text. With a Windows printer, it works in override mode. If you send a command for big and then one for red, you will get red text (the last command sent).

You should look to make these commands, give unique text. So normal text might be Font A in 10 point, big text would be Font A in 16 point and red might then be Font A in 12 point. If you make red text the same as normal text, you won't see a difference. Use the size to make it look different.

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