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POS Keyboards - Basic

Each POS Keyboard is made up of a collection of fast key panels, state panels, modifiers and set meals. This tab allows you to name the keyboard definition and to define the fast key panels available on the POS. Before you add new fast key panels it is a good idea to set up the options on the Default Values tab.

Figure: Example POS Keyboards Screen


A description about the keyboard.

Fast Key Panels

This grid shows the fast key panels that have been defined for this keyboard. When you add a new panel, the Fast Key Panel is displayed to allow you to fully set up the fast key panel with buttons.


A unique number which identifies this fast key panel.

Note: Fast Key Panels with the same level number can be created as long as the ‘Effective Date’ is different.

Effective Date

The Effective Date is a setting which allows Fast Key Panels to be created prior to the date in which they are to become ‘Active’ on POS.

Note: In order for a Fast Key Panel to become active, POS requires a ‘Configuration Reload’.


A description about what this fast key panel contains.

The Copy Level button will copy the currently highlighted panel. An effective date will not be set. The copied level will remain inactive until an effective date is set.

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