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POS Overview

The Point of Sale (POS), or DynaPOS as it is referred to in Merchant Central, is a standalone point of sale capable of sending transactional information to a head office system in real time. When sales are made, these are recorded locally on the till and then sent to the head office system immediately over the internet.

The DynaPOS has been designed so that if the connection to the head office server is severed, the till will continue to operate without affecting trade. In order to achieve this business critical objective, item lookup information needs to be downloaded to each till. This is carried out during a 'Reload', which can be initiated manually from the till, from head office via the Till Control application, or automatically during overnight processing.

Each Till required in a chain of stores, is defined and configured via the Till maintenance application. Within this application, each Till is assigned to a location. When items are ranged to a location, the Till will load these items via the Reload process so that they can be sold within the system to paying customers.

When the head office system receives a sale, it is processed via the Incoming Transactions Handler service. Once the sale is processed via this service, sales summary information is calculated through the Statistics Updater service. This summary information is then utilised in system reporting, particularly via the Trading Statistics application.

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