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POS Reload

DynaPOSTouch need to do a reload in order to get a set of all data required to run POS - items, discounts, tenders, till definitions, and so on. There are two types of reloads available - Item Reload and Config Reload. An Item Reload will reload all data. A Config Reload will load all data except item data.

Reloads can be requested from POS or from the backoffice. Regardless of where the request is made, the actual reload is performed at POS. The following steps are performed.

Points to note:

There is no process to delete data from the \ drsapps\posdata directories on the server. It is assumed that each time a POS does a reload this data will be overwritten. Since a POS will do a reload on a fairly regular basis, it is assumed that this is simply required diskspace, just like the space taken up by the STORERNG records for the location in the actual database.

The same thinking applies to the \ drsapps\dynapos\x\download and \ drsapps\dynapos\x\temp directories on the POS.

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