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Print Tickets - Ticket Batch - Basic

There are two parts to a ticket batch. There is basic information about which location the batch belongs to, the type of label that should be used, and so on. The second part is the list of items that are actually in the ticket batch. This tab will set up the basic information.

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Figure: Example Ticket Batch Screen


This is a unique number assigned by the system to identify the batch.


The date and time the batch was created. This is assigned by the system.

Effective Date

To allow the printing of labels showing prices that are effective from a future date. Currency rates are also calculated from the same future date. The field will default to today’s date but if the date is changed to a future date, the system will look at scheduled future price changes when adding new items to the batch. If no future price change is scheduled for an item, the normal price will be used. Once an item has been added to the batch, the Effective Date field will become read only.  


A description for the batch, for example New Customers, Price Increases. If the batch was created by the system, this will already be set.


The type of label to be printed for the items in this batch. This must have already been designed using the Label Designer.


The location for which these tickets are to be printed. Any sell prices used by the items in this batch will be based on this location.

Price Type

This is used to control the pricing used for the items in the batch. It is only used for batches which you create. When a ticket is created for an item it will check this setting. If it is 'Normal' than the sell prices for the ticket will be set to the normal sell price, otherwise the sell prices will be the current sell price (which could be normal or promotion). You would usually leave this as current, unless you wanted to reprint normal tickets for items currently on promotion.

Generate Tickets For SOH

This option controls how many tickets will be generated for an item. If the option is checked off (default), each item will have the number of tickets specified on the item's range details for the location. If the option is checked on, the number of tickets will be the current stock on hand of the item.

Produce only one ticket per item in stock

If checked on, only items that are currently in stock can be added to the ticket batch.

Single item addition - When adding a single item that is not in stock, a message will appear to the user informing them that the item cannot be added to the batch.

Bulk item addition / Import - When adding bulk items, if any of the items are not in stock a message will appear informing the user that one or more items could not be added.

Print Tickets Unsorted

If checked on, the records will be printed in the order they appear on the Items tab rather than being sorted. If the check box is not selected (default), the items in the batch are sorted before printing.


A general comment about this batch. This could contain instructions about printing or instructions to the location staff on how to hang the tickets.

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