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Print Tickets - Ticket Batch - Items

This tab shows the items that will be printed as part of this ticket batch. New items can be added by directly to the grid. Alternatively, you can use the Bulk Tickets button to quickly add a set of items to the ticket batch. You can also use the Import button to import a previously defined set of items (these items could have been scanned from the shelves or generated from a report).

Figure: Example Ticket Batch Screen

The two most important columns in the grid are the IPN and Tickets Required columns. The IPN is the number of the item to include in the ticket batch. When you enter this, all the other columns will be automatically filled in with the information from the item and promotions. The Tickets Required is the number of tickets to be printed.

If the Tickets For SOH option on the Basic tab is checked off, the Tickets Required will default to the number of tickets specified in the Range details in the Items function for the ticket batch location.

If the Tickets For SOH option is checked on, the Tickets Required will be set to the stock on hand of the item. In addition, a second grid will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This will be used for items that track serial numbers. There will be a record for each serial number. These serial numbers are then available to print on the tickets.

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